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Part of every transaction goes to our “Make A Difference Fund.”

Cincinnati Christian Real Estate

It’s not just important “what” we do in our work, but “why.”  It also explains why we depend so heavily upon your referrals.

In July, 2004, our family was given the opportunity to visit an Christian outreach in Hunchun , China .  This Christian outreach was doing several things including running a school for children with many different disabilities.  This school includes housing, feeding, clothing, educating and medically caring for these children.  The Christian outreach also runs a farm to help provide for the school, a bakery which not only helps care for the school but also is able to send food across the border to starving North Korean communities.  It also runs another school in the country town to teach skills to the people of the community, helping them to achieve in their professional lives and providing for their families.

The North Korean government has invited the Christian outreach to establishCincinnati Christian Real Estate a kindergarten, health care facility, farm and bakery inside secluded North Korea .  It is a rare invitation, but one that is making a huge difference in the daily lives and existence of many children.

Cincinnati Christian Real EstateThrough Melodie’s family we’ve been connected to another program in the rural mountains of southwest India .  This area is very poor and often families cannot afford to care for their own children.  To address this, Bethany Girls’ Home was established and now cares for the daily needs of many girls.  This is the same area that was recently hit by deadly flooding and rampant disease.

There have also been many other needs presented to us from the east side of Cincinnati to economically ravaged areas of Zimbabwe .

The fuel that keeps us going is knowing we can make a big difference for thousands.  By doing all we can to take the best care of you and your referrals, we know we can build a business that can support these programs.  However, we really rely on your heart felt referrals.

If there is ever anything we can do to help make a difference for you, let us know.  It can be anything from curiosity about a home selling on your street to needing information about a business.  We are never too busy for you and never too busy to give the best of care to any of your referrals.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of a very important part of your life, and thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of so many.

Cincinnati Christian Real Estate

Your Favorite “Hoods,”

Jim & Melodie



Until He returns….